Our PBS clients are happy:

  • Phoenix Innovate’s approach to structuring our renewal and appeal mailings has freed me from the details of managing these programs and allowed me to focus on the big picture.
  • Their combination of state-of-the-art technology and production capabilities produced campaigns that contain donor-centric messages that are highly personalized to each individual.
  • They understand our unique campaign challenges and react with creative solutions to maximize our results.
  • The improvements they made to our mailing approach reduced our mailing costs while engaging a broader base of our audience.
  • Their highly efficient approach reduced our cost to raise a dollar by 33% which created an opportunity to increase the number of communications we send to our constituents, dramatically increasing donations overall.
Phoenix Innovate

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Pledge Conversion
Campaign Analysis

Do you have the insights essential to maximizing your renewal efforts?

We’ve helped PBS stations and other member-based organizations focus their critical resources for maximum return.

Our solutions have lead to dramatic results. One of our larger PBS clients saw a $20,000 decrease in annual expenses, while a small station realized a 22% increase in net revenue in the first five months of working with us.

We are confident that when you choose to work with us your renewals will become the most effective and efficient tool you have to raise revenue from your constituents. You’ll know who to talk to, when and how to engage them.

We'll help you discover

  • Which mail efforts perform the best
  • Which audience segments made or lost money
  • What was your cost to raise a dollar

Pledges, Acknowledgements and Reminders

You’ve run a pledge drive and now the clock is ticking. Quickly and effeciently turning pledges into donations can make or break a pledge drive's success.

And for the pledges that were already paid, an acknowledgement of that support can be the quickest path to building positive donor sentiment and future support. Effective communication is key.

But how do you get these communications out in a timely manner, without high mailing costs and limited internal resources? It has been our experience that, for most PBS stations, addressing this issue has a positive effect on their bottom line.

Our approach has proven to increase response, drive down the cost and reduce the time to manage this process. So you have one less thing to worry about.

Let us show you how!

Campaign Analysis

Our PBS clients have seen dramatic improvements in their response rates and net revenue.

We create solutions based on your unique needs and circumstances.

We are focused on results!